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james house

Our association is based outside of Nantes in France and our mission is to help or assist, financially or materially,  underpriveledged children throughout the country with the express goal of encouraging or improving their educational needs. This includes fund-raising for or collection of basic needs such as food and clothes, as well as educational requirements such as books, school uniforms or stationery.

We have decided to target organisations already based in South Africa, who we feel have the same goals in mind regarding children and education.  As such, this year we will support James House, a youth and child care organisation based in Hout Bay, Cape Town.

James House is supported by the Department of social development of the western Cape and other organisations and private companies.

It provides four integrated programmes:
The Residential Programme: Highly specialised 24-hour care for up to eight teenage boys with extremely difficult-to-manage behaviour.
The Isibindi Programme: A nationally accredited, community-based model of care for orphaned and vulnerable children and their families/caregivers.
The Boys Quest Programme: A specialised, non-residential therapeutic support programme for teenage boys-at-risk and their families/caregivers.
The Life Centre Programme: A structured youth development and life skills programme for unemployed youth.

Sous l’impulsion d’une amie sud africaine, nous avons décidé d’organiser des manifestations culturelles dans le but de faire découvrir l’association James House, du Cap, et recueillir des fonds pour leur venir en aide en achetant de la nourriture, du matériel scolaire ou des uniformes.

Pour nous rejoindre téléchargez le bulletin d’adhésion 


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